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Cedar Shingles Vancouver

There are various kinds of roofing materials at your discretion. Depending on the type of property you own and what kind of roof you wish to have, you will be able to choose from half a dozen materials, at least.

Cedar shingles or cedar shakes are an extremely popular choice when it comes to residential roofs. If you own a home, regardless of its size, shape or design of exteriors and interiors, you will find cedar shingles/shakes desirable. Whether or not you should choose cedar shingles or shakes will depend on many factors.

You should take into consideration the various advantages of cedar shingles and shakes.

  • One of the most noticeable advantages of cedar shingles or shakes is its aesthetic elegance. Among all the different materials that you can use or choose, cedar is by far the most beautiful. The natural elegance of cedar and the manner in which it ages appeal to everyone and as a homeowner you would certainly want your property to look as amazing as possible.


  • Cedar shingles or shakes have a long life. Roofs are not a very meager investment. In most cases, roofs cost a lot of money and many property owners have to save for a considerable period of time before the roof can be done or redone. Cedar has a distinction of lasting at least a decade more than other roofing materials, such as asphalt. Not only do cedar shingles last longer but they donít look old as they age. They actually develop a unique appearance as they age.
  • Cedar shingles or shakes are strong and thus durable. They would withstand high winds, even that of hailstorms or hurricanes. This is certainly an attribute to factor in if you stay in an area where thereís high wind, severe rain or snow.
  • Cedar is by virtue of its nature an energy efficient roofing material. Cedar doesnít need any additional coating or insulation. It offers natural insulation. You can certainly opt for additional insulation or weather shielding but cedar itself would keep your interiors more pleasant and your energy consumption in control.

  • Cedar is environment friendly. With global warming and carbon emissions at an alarming level, every homeowner should do his or her bit for the environment. As some people may wonder that trees are felled to make these shakes or shingles and that possibly cannot be environment friendly, it is necessary to highlight that new trees are planted in place of those harvested.


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