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Flat Roof and Low Slope Roofing Systems

Low-slope roofs are almost flat roofs but with a very gentle and almost unnoticeable slope. In other words, typical flat roofs also tend to have a gentle tilt or slope in a certain direction. This slope or tilt is to allow the water stagnated on such roofs to flow down the drains and gutters.

In the Lower Mainland it is very common to see flat and low slope roofs on commercial buildings and thus it is no surprise that this market makes up 80% of West Vancouver Roofing's flat roof jobs. On the contrary, for residential homes across the British Columbia, this type of roofing has not been as popular in the past because of the amount of rain and snow our province receives. However, in select West Vancouver and Point Grey upscale neighbourhoods growing changes in architectural styles are changing this trend. Property owners are realizing the benefits or advantages of flat and low-slope roofing and thus opting for the same.

Advantages of Flat and Low-Slope Roofing

Here are some advantages of flat & low-slope roofing.

  • Flat and low slope roofs have better longevity than sloped roofs. If you have ever owned a home that had a sloped roof, then you know how much you have to take care of it and how long the roof may last if you were to stop repairs, maintenance or replacements. It isnít that flat roofs or low slope roofs donít require any maintenance at all but they would last much longer than sloped roofs. There are buildings, in almost every state of the country, that have had flat roofs standing strong for more than a hundred years. Compare that with sloped roofs and very rarely would you come across properties having sloped roofs displaying such durability or longevity.

  • Flat roofs or low slope roofing has much more utility than sloped roofs. You practically cannot use sloped roofs for anything. At the most, you can install a dish antenna or some lightweight fixtures which could be skylights or some other objects. With flat roofs, you can install almost anything. You can install your air conditioning or ventilation units. You may install tanks if you want. You can also use the roof as a deck or as an additional space when you can venture outdoors.

  • Flat & low-slope roofing is compatible with many types of materials, most notably EPDM, TPO, PVC and 2-ply SBS. These materials donít cost much. They are trendy and very durable. Also, they offer amazing insulation. ere are a few simple reasons why you should hire us for your emergency roofing repair.

To have your flat and low-slope roof installed or upgraded call our West Vancouver Roofing today to get a free quote.


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