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Synthetic Roof Vancouver

Synthetic or recycled products are being pegged as the finest materials for any kind of roof. These modern materials are popular with both residential home and commercial property owners in upscale Vancouver neighbourhoods. 

There are many reasons why property owners are increasingly opting for such materials. Aside from their attractive curb appeal, the premium product is also popular with Lower Mainland residents because they are usually made from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

This type of roof has unique advantages that none of the other popular or commonly used roofing materials have to offer. Let us take a look at the advantages of synthetic/recycled products to have a better idea of how you stand to benefit.

The Advantages of Having a Synthetic Roof

Here are some advantages of having a synthetic roof.

  • They can be and actually are a luxury roofing material. They look splendorous and can come in any kind of design, color or aesthetics and yet they donít cost as much as the conventional luxury materials such as slate. You can have synthetic recycled products emanating the attributes and aesthetics of materials such as slate and yet you donít spend anywhere close.

  • Synthetic/recycled products are environment friendly. Just because they are synthetically processed doesnít imply that they involve toxic materials or any method that is not environment friendly. The very fact that the materials are recycled iterates that there is no new material being used, or certainly not to the extent as is the case with non-recycled products. Also, synthetic or recycled products can be recycled again when they are no longer in use. All synthetic roofs can be discarded and they can be recycled, unlike other roofing materials which are either not recyclable or not very useful after recycling.

  • Synthetic/recycled products can be easily kept clean and there is very little maintenance needed. Most roofing materials require ongoing maintenance and once in every few years there is a need for extensive repairs or roof replacement. Not only is there a reduced possibility of requiring roof replacement but even the repairs and replacements would cost a fraction of what it would cost you with other materials, such as cedar, asphalt or real luxury materials such as slate.

  • Synthetic/recycled products can be engineered to withstand certain kinds of traffic or impact. If your roof needs to be stronger then the material can be engineered in a manner that it would be more robust or sturdy. This also help enhancing the durability of the roof.

  • Synthetic/recycled products are also apt for all kinds of roof, be it flat or sloped.

If you are interested in installing a synthetic roof on your residential or commercial residence, call our friendly staff today to set up a free consultation at (604) 925 8828.


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